Rypstick Headcover


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Customer Reviews

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Aaron Roland
Works as intended

The weights can wiggle loose if you aren’t careful so this head cover works to prevent losing weights. It does fit very snug and can be a bit of a pain at first to get on but it’s exactly what you need.

Dave Fisher
Head Cover

The Rypstick Headcover not only looks nice and helps protect the Rypstick, but it is also a nice conversation starter on the range... People ask about the stick and want to talk about speed training. I like it much better than the sock that some folks have for their Rypstick.

Lee Bradley
Rip stick head cover

100% better stays in place and doesn’t come off so easily as the cloth cover.

Glen Swider
Love the headcover

Very fast delivery, quality headcover that fits securely on my rypstick,

Scott Marshall
Great Conversation Starter

Head cover is nice. Quality seems in line with the price.

I don't often leave the Rypstick in my back when playing a round, but I have had folks come up to me on the range and ask me about what I'm doing and what's with this club that whistles. I'm more than happy to talk about speed training and how the Rypstick has helped me increase swing speed and hit the ball consistently farther. Seeing the name on the head cover probably helps them recall the name when they go online to learn more.