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be the long Hitter in your group.

The Rypstick™ is the premier Speed Training Tool in golf because of its convenience (1 stick vs. 3), versatility (8 weight combinations), and custom training workouts. Since we launched in December we have added: 50+ PGA Tour Players, 150+ Top Teachers, and over half of the top World Long Drive Athletes.

For the last 3 years, our team has been researching overspeed/overload training and the results are incredible. Within 2 months of training with the Rypstick the average distance gain is 15-25 yards. To learn more about what gains you should expect watch this video by Golf Science Lab on our home page. Results may vary but everyone will benefit. 

With every Rypstick purchase comes a free swing analysis & fitness assessment ($100 value). 

After your purchase, you will receive more information about which training workout to use, but you can read more about training plans here. 


4 Different Lengths Available - 45" Black, 44" Blue, 41" Green, 38" Orange. You should order the length of your current driver unless your driver distance is less than 200 yards and you play a 45" driver. In which case, order blue.

With 0 Weights in Rypstick - 270 g
With 1 Weight in Rypstick - 300 g
With 2 Weights in Rypstick - 330 g
With 3 Weights in Rypstick - 360 g
With 3 Weights + Counterweight - 420 g

* Shorter Rypsticks have slightly less weight, but progressively less swing weight as a result of shorter length, which makes them feel considerably lighter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Quality and already picking up swing speed helping with accuracy

Quality piece of equipment that only after a few weeks had noticeable increase in swing speed. Loved the swing analysis as well.

Peter Haber
Rypstick review

I like the rypstick quite a bit. I swing in the low 100s. After three workouts I hit mid 120s on the lower weight swings consistently and reached 128 once. Unfortunately I also hurt my back that day so I have not used the stick since then. I'm going to do the speed training over the winter and not during the competitive season.

The grip on it is slightly lose and the counter weight is going to struggle to stay in. It doesn't screw in properly right now.

Frank Hendricks
It works and it has more effects than expected !

speed is indeed increasing - but more importantly when start swing with the “wrong hand” you see massive improvements on swinging through with your "normal hand" ! The entire swing mechanics are becoming much smoother. Quality has some room for improvement, though eg. screwing the additional wight on the grip shows gap.

David James


Scott Erling
Great product

Easy to use design backed up by a great program. Would highly recommend!