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be the long Hitter in your group.

The Rypstick™ is the premier Speed Training Tool in golf because of its convenience (1 stick vs. 3), versatility (8 weight combinations), and custom training workouts. Since we launched in December we have added: 30+ PGA Tour Players, 150+ Top Teachers, and over half of the top World Long Drive Athletes.

For the last 3 years, our team has been researching overspeed/overload training and the results are incredible. Within 2 months of training with the Rypstick the average distance gain is 15-25 yards. To learn more about what gains you should expect watch this video by Golf Science Lab on our home page. Results may vary but everyone will benefit. 

With every Rypstick purchase comes a free swing analysis & fitness assessment ($100 value). 

After your purchase, you will receive more information about which training workout to use, but you can read more about training plans here. 


5 Different Lengths Available - 45" Black, 44" Blue, 42" Green, 40" Orange, 38" Yellow. You should order the length of your current driver unless your driver distance is less than 200 yards and you play a 45" driver. In which case, order blue.

With 0 Weights in Rypstick - 270 g
With 1 Weight in Rypstick - 300 g
With 2 Weights in Rypstick - 330 g
With 3 Weights in Rypstick - 360 g
With 3 Weights + Counterweight - 420 g

* Shorter Rypsticks have slightly less weight, but progressively less swing weight as a result of shorter length, which makes them feel considerably lighter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Great product, even BETTER service

I initially ordered a Rypstick and had an issue caused during shipping. I sent the original back and had the replacement a few days later. Great service. I have been practicing a few times per day and can already feel my back loosening and speed starting to increase. Excited t get back on the Trackman later this week.

Effective, Quality Design and User-Friendly

I’ve found the Rypstick to be based on sound science and physiological principles, neatly wrapped in an easy to use/adjustable package. The quality of the Rypstick is outstanding, and can be used anywhere. After only a few training sessions, I’ve noticed improvements in speed, transition, ball striking and confidence. As a former long drive competitor, I’ve used nearly every training tool on the market, and Rypstick is by far the best I’ve used. I’m looking forward to continued improvements, and congratulations to Dr. Benoit and the Rypstick team for developing a much-needed and effective product!

Thanks Rypstick!


Waiting for delivery.

It really works!

In my mid-30s and swing speed has declined some. I'm pretty active, go to the gym regularly, yet I couldn't get my swing speed above ~106. I just finished my 6th sessions of the initial protocol. Afterwards I took some driver swings and hit 124! A couple days ago I was at the range and consistently hitting the ball with speeds around 115-118. Overspeed works!

Great Swing Training

Good Tool for grooving the swing to create some repeatable consistency, with a gain in speed as a positve by product!