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Robert Quimby

I know my swing speed and the rypstick radar is displaying 30-40 mph slower, I may be doing something wrong IDK. But its cool I just use the numbers it gives me

La La Land Golfer
A Bit Big

Overall, okay. Issues: 1) not bright/contrasty enough to discern the number out on the range in daylight (I need to place a book on top of it to shade it); 2) the default setting is km/h and motion mode - you need to reset the thing every time you use it; 3) it's rather large - doesn't fit easily in a bag and is rather bulky to schlep around.

Scott Robbins
Easy to use, great feedback

We initiated Rypstick into our Youth Academy by creating baselines to work from. The players had fun doing the drill, seeing their numbers, and watching each other. Very simple to use, quick feedback and fun.

Mike H
usable but accuracy leaves much to be desired

it's usable and gives feedback, however, I used my other radar alongside it that I normally use for hitting and speed training. the ryp radar was consistently 10-15 mph lower than my other radar that is placed closer to the clubhead. I think having it so far down the line and in front it doesn't pick up the club at it's fastest point at impact or just after.

Swing speed

I just purchased the Ryp Radar and it’s been off by 10-15 mph. I place it 4-5 ft in front of my swing and is recording very low when I know in fact I hit my 9 iron 130 and shows my swing speed at 65mph. I’m swinging faster purposely to gauge my swing speed and just very in accurate. Maybe it’s a defected one I received but just no way my speed is that low when I hit 9 iron 130 on course swinging not as hard.