Rypstick Training Package - Rypstick & RypRadar

Size: White 45" & RypRadar

Longer drives in 60 days or your money backAccurate measurements or your money back

Used by 1000+ PGA ProfessionalsUsed by 500+ pga professionals

Swing analysis with purchaseAccurate & affordable

Customer Reviews

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Michael Williams
Rypstick and Radar

I love the Rypstick and have noticed an increase in my baseline swing speed. I enjoy the training sessions and they really do work. My only grievance is with the radar. The radar never worked out of the box so I purchased a device off another website. All in all the Rypstick is well worth the money; however, the radar is better purchased elsewhere.

Zachariah Freitas
Lighter grip = Increased swing speed.

I’m only one week in, and I’m already grateful I bought this product. I know this product was meant to increase my swing speed, and it has. What I didn’t expect it to do was increase my consistency. Since giving me the ability to measure all my swings, I’ve noticed some things that I do that rob me of that speed. One of those things being my grip. I’ve found that I can typically swing my club five miles per hour faster if I keep my grip relaxed. Specifically, my right hand. This is something I never would have figured out without this program. Thanks, Rypstick, I’m looking forward to my continued progress.

Robert Brockway
Exceeded my expectations

Rypstick and radar is easy to use. For a 62 year old needing a knee replacement and losing yardage every year, Rypstick has exceeded my expectations. After five sessions and five rounds I have increased my swing speed by six mph, increased my average driving distance per round by 13 yards while also increasing FIR.

Larry Cooper
Exactly what I thought

Been using it regularly and have seen some increase. Hopefully it continues to go up. At 108 now trying to get to 120 plus in 6 months

Rypstick and radar

Received my order with no issues. I was skeptical at first until I tried it. So far all I can say is that it truly works. I have no regrets with these products.