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Science of Speed

Extreme distance off the tee is not a mystery. It’s entirely predictable and trainable. So what does it take to hit monster drives? Strength helps a lot. Our proprietary research indicates we can predict 89% of your power from 4 simple strength tests that take a total of 2 minutes. Take a look at the data.

Dots above the line represent golfers that are faster that we would predict based on their strength. Golfers below the line are slower than we would predict based on their strength. So why does the scrawny 16 year old kid at the local muni crush it past you? Perhaps he's a bit stronger than you think where it counts, but also because he's probably above the line, which means he makes up for a lack of strength with great sequencing and mechanics. Luckily, much of this is teachable. The key is to create an effective kinematic sequence. Take a look at the KVest map below. See how the hips, chest, arms, and club fire in order. This is what players that operate above our predicted value tend to do well. Those below, do not. 

Understanding the Kinematic Sequence w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

Poor sequencing is usually tied to one of three areas.

1) Poor use of the ground - You either don't have a vertical or don't know how to use it. We can help you train a vertical and/or train you to use it more effectively.

2) You don't rotate your hips and chest properly transferring the energy to your arms. Again, this is trainable with the right workouts and/or drills. Our simple assessments help you get a better idea of if you have strength problem, or a speed problem regarding rotation. 

3) You don't use your wrists properly. This is a huge one for golfers that cast the club, which causes shots that are too high and/or chunks/thins and power contact. 

Some golfers struggle with all three of these areas. For others, it's just one. Our job is to help you Reach You Potential. The right coaching plan can help you pinpoint easy sources of power while also helping you addressing long term impediments, such as physical limitations and dysfunctional movement patterns. Younger golfers have the best chance to make changes and gain speed during critical "speed" windows, but even older golfers can gain some serious distance by picking off their own low hanging fruit -- whether that's strength, flexibility, or sequencing. To help our clients learn more about what it takes to bomb drives we've created a "primer" explaining in clear detail what's different between you and the pros. We've also tried to identify what's different between you and other golfers of your same ability/age/gender since this can be even more helpful in unlocking more speed. Much of what you'll read here informs the custom speed plan you get with the Rypstick. We want our clients to feel comfortable knowing that the plans we develop are built on industry renown "best practices" as well as exclusive research and training we've developed in-house.