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Fast Track


The basic protocol for golfers that want to get started right away without thinking too hard or changing any swing mechanics substantially. For many high-level players that are happy with their swing this is the place to start. This protocol starts with regular swings, knee swings (arm rotation and speed), and step swings (sequencing) but gets a bit harder with each stage. This protocol is rock solid and well researched. We can guarantee results since so many players have seen such great results. Hundreds of Tour Players have used variable weight swing training for years to grain and maintain club head speed. Own the future and start your training plan today. Ten to fifteen minutes 3x per week is all it takes to bomb it past your playing partners. You can follow along with the written protocol at your own pace or use our App to keep you accountable at only $8/month. The research says that accountability leads to better results, but we know some people like to do their own thing!

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