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Motor Learning Hacks

So much of golf instruction these days focuses on mechanics. Unfortunately, having a beautiful vision of a perfect golf swing in your head doesn't mean you can execute it. There's a major motor learning component that most instructors neglect. That's where we come in a with an extensive background of fixing "sticky swings".

What is sticky swing? A sticky swing is one that's hard to change. Maybe you've battled it for may years and taken some lessons, but even so, it comes back to haunt you. The key to fixing it may lie in changing how you train. You see, when you're trying to hit a shot your brain fires up an old reliable motor program that allows you to make contact. As a result, even though you're trying to make your new swing the video show that you've barely changed your swing at all!

If this sounds familiar to you then you've got a transfer problem. Fortunately, the Rypstick can help. The key is to practice learning a new movement without a ball first. Groove it with the right drills and feedback station and then try it with a ball and club. The transfer "ladder" we find most successful employs 3 steps.

1. Swing with your Rypstick 

  • Top Down swings - Start at the top, and exaggerate the move from the top down. Go fast on the downswing triggering your legs and ground forces to get power.  Use Rypstick feedback stations as needed. If you're not able to make the video look good then you need to slow it down a bit until it does look proper. 
  • Slow Backswings - Be precise and go slow on the backswing trying to fire up the same downswing pattern you exaggerated with the top down swing.
  • Regular - Swing at normal speed but use the same feels you just used on the Top Down and Slow Backswing drills. 

Repeat each cycle 10-30 times a day (30-90 swings). 

Repeat the same three swings in order. It's tempting to speed up to regular swing after only doing a few cycles. Don't do it. You'll learn faster if you can stick to the plan. Once the video looks great with the Rypstick move to step 2. If you can't do it with Rypstick first, you have no chance on the golf ball. Don't rush greatness. 

2. Hit balls using the same exact strategies, but now with a golf club. Again, it's tempting to just start hitting balls you used to, but it's critical that you keep exaggerating the new move with all three stages of the learning cycle.